Galaga Online is available on many sites on the internet, Below I have included one of the versions available on the internet.

Game Play

You play a spaceship moving left to right at the bottom of the screen. Shoot up at enemies as they enter and assemble in formation, fly down and shoot at you. Most enemies are destroyed by one hit, but the Galaga’s turn blue after one hit then are destroyed on the second hit. Obviously, you want to avoid being hit by the alien ships and their fire. Failure to do this will result in a quick and painless death for your space ship whilst assaulting your ears with cheap, early eighties sound effects.

During each stage, a Galaga (alien ship) will fly down and try to capture you in it’s tractor beam. You can either shoot it or let it take you. If you let it capture one of your ships in its tractor beam, you could shoot him later your captured fighter will return to you and double your fire power! A captured ship turns red. To free the captured ship, you must destroy the Galaga that has your ship, while it is attacking you, otherwise the captured ship will be destroyed. When you free a captured ship, it will dock alongside your current ship, thus creating a dual ship. Ships are lost when you are hit by enemies. Dual ships are destroyed individually.

Arcade Games

Tips & Tricks

TRICK: If a Galaga’s tractor beam starts pulling you in, you will spin about, but you will still be able to shoot at enemies. If you happen to end up shooting upward and destroy the Galaga before you are captured, you will just drop back into play.

TRICK: If you happen to lose a ship to a Galaga and then shoot the Galaga while it is still in formation, the captive ship will remain under enemy control. However, it will only make one attack at you before disappearing. If you allow it to escape, it will return in the next stage unless it’s a Challenge Stage with another Galaga, giving you another shot at freeing the ship.

TRICK: The “Player 1? score counter in Galaga is six digits, but the “Player 2? counter is seven digits. Therefore, most good players start a two-player game and play exclusively on the Player 2 side so their score will not “roll over” at 999990. Challenging stages are easier if the high score numbers are used to refine your aim.

TRICKS: These tips assume a six-digit high score:

On the first two challenging stages, aim your ships so that your left set of bullets falls between the second and third numbers in the high score list. On subsequent challenging stages, aim one set of bullets between the first and second numbers in the high score list if the units come from the left or between the last and next-to-last numbers if the units come from the right. This will allow you to hit descending enemies at the highest possible point value.
If you have more than seven extra men, the marker for the screen will only show 7 1/2 men remaining. Additional extra men will still be credited, even though they will not show on the screen.
Galaga “rolls over” after stage 255. After finishing the 255th level, the screen says “Stage 0? and the machine locks up. I have heard unconfirmed reports in the past that the “Stage 0? problem can be circumvented if the last two numbers in your score at the end of level 255 are ?? 80 is what I remember, but it may be something else.
After the 1000000 mark, new ships are no longer awarded.

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